Words of wisdom & truth
handphone charms/bag hanger
give a friend, make their day, show you care

RM 11 each
(includes postage)

Only 1 avaible for each. Word charns from the US

Believe - SOLD
Love - SOLD
Hope - SOLD
Dream - SOLD
Peace - SOLD


Chandelier Crystal Blue Earrings
Price: RM14

Black Beauty

Black Beauty
Made with black glass bicones and clear Swarovski Crystals

Buy her at RM 24
Comes with gift box set!!

Swarovski Love

Bracelets are all handmade by Closet Alert
All Swarovski crystal are genuine


Emerald Diamond Swarovski Bracelet
Price: RM15.00
(remakes possible)


Nature Love Swarovski Bracelet
Price: RM 20.00
(remakes possible)


Silver Purple Swarovski Bracelet
Price: RM12.00
(remakes possible)


Sweet Pink Swarovski Bracelet
Price: RM14.00
(remakes available)

Fly To Me

(2 SOLD)
Fly to me
If my heart had wings, I would fly to you and lie
Beside you as you dream, If my heart had wings - Faith Hill

Swallow charm, with pretty swarovski pearls
17inch 18K White Gold Plated Necklace Chain with toggle clasp

Fly To Me

Bella Phone Hanger

The Bellerina
Pretty Sweet
Bellerina Suit Charm, Cats Eye Heart & Swarovski Pearl

Head over Heels In Love

Pearls are a woman's 2nd bestfriend, right after the diamonds that is :p


Pearl Love
made with beautiful Swarovski Pearls in Mouve


RM 30/pc

RM 23/pc